Why Australia is gambling on Warner's fitness

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Former Australian Test skipper Mark Taylor says playing David Warner successful the 2nd Test contempt the opener being little than 100 per cent acceptable is simply a hazard worthy taking.

Warner volition instrumentality up his spot successful Australia's broadside contempt being nether a large wounded unreality successful the lead-up to the pinkish shot Test successful Adelaide aft dealing with bruised ribs.

The seasoned opener's spot successful the broadside was confirmed by Australian skipper Pat Cummins earlier this week, contempt enduring a nets league where helium looked highly proppy.

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"It's a bully determination for Australia and I deliberation it shows the value of this game," Taylor told Nine's TODAY up of the 2nd Test.

David Warner is acceptable to enactment up successful Adelaide contempt nursing immoderate severely bruised ribs successful the lead-up (Getty)

"David Warner is astir apt not 100 per cent fit, but helium knows this is simply a large crippled for Australia and a large crippled for England.

"Having won the archetypal Test match, Australia cognize if they tin triumph present successful this day-night Test lucifer - they've won 8 from 8 - and spell 2-0 up successful the series, they've conscionable astir hung onto the Ashes.

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"So that's the value of this crippled and astir apt 1 of the main reasons David Warner is playing."

While Warner was capable to clasp his spot, Josh Hazlewood won't play successful Adelaide owed to a broadside strain, with Jhye Richardson taking his spot successful a determination Taylor approved.

Taylor believes Richardson volition beryllium a unit to beryllium reckoned with nether lights astatine the Adelaide Oval (Getty)

"I'm delighted for Jhye," helium said.

"It was 3 years agone wherever helium played a mates of Test matches and did good ... past dislocated his enarthrosis successful a fielding accident.

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"It's large to spot him backmost and evidently he's been bowling precise good for Western Australia, he's taken thing similar 23 wickets this twelvemonth successful Shield cricket, he's belted the doorway down.

"With Josh Hazlewood's injury, he's the close antheral for the occupation and I deliberation he'll bask bowling present with the pinkish shot peculiarly nether lights. He could beryllium a handful."

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