Republicans Are Officially The Enemies Of Democracy After Blocking Voting Rights Bill

3 years ago 2037

Cable news referred to the vote on moving forward with debate on the For The People Act symbolic and it was. It symbolized Republicans as the enemies of democracy.

The final vote was a party-line vote as not a single Republican voted to protect and expand voting rights.

Before the vote, Majority Leader Schumer said on the Senate floor, “Republicans across the country are deliberately targeting all the ways that younger, poorer, non-white, and typically Democratic voters access the ballot. Republicans claim they’re making it easier to vote and harder to cheat in an election; but in reality, they are making it harder to vote and easier to cheat an election.”

The mistake that many in the media are making is drawing a direct and solitary line to Trump’s Big Lie and the current Republican opposition to voting rights.

Republicans have been undercutting voting rights and attempting to rig elections for years and years. All Trump did was make himself the face of the movement to rig elections. Trump allowed Republicans to start saying the quiet part out loud that they can’t win elections if everybody who is eligible can vote.

Republicans are the anti-democracy. The GOP is an enemy of the foundation of American governance and society.

The fight for democracy has just begun, and those Republicans who went on the record as opposing democracy think that they made a shrewd political move when what they really did was throw dirt on the grave of the Republican Party.

Republicans don’t get it. They are fighting a battle that they can’t win. The yearning for democracy is within the human soul. They can change the rules. They can block debate on legislation, but in the end, democracy will always prevail.

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