Trump May Get Stacey Abrams Elected Governor By Having David Perdue Primary Brian Kemp

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Trump is meddling successful Georgia again, and this clip helium could precise easy get Stacey Abrams elected governor.

David Perdue announced that helium is moving for governor:

I’m moving for Governor to marque definite Stacey Abrams is NEVER Governor of Georgia. We request bold conservatives who volition basal up to the woke left, not cave to their extremist demands. Join maine successful this combat to Stop Stacey and Save Georgia.

— David Perdue (@Perduesenate) December 6, 2021

Trump recruited Perdue to tally for politician against Gov. Brian Kemp due to the fact that helium wants to punish the Republican incumbent for not overturning the results successful Georgia successful 2020, and Trump besides wants a loyalist arsenic politician for his 2024 tally astatine the presidency. Trump wants to marque definite that determination volition beryllium nary 1 successful the authorities to basal successful his mode successful lawsuit helium needs to illegally overturn the 2024 election.

Trump’s Meddling In Georgia Could Be A Disaster For Republicans

The past clip that Trump meddled successful Georgia, the Republican Party mislaid some US Senate seats successful the state.

If the superior betwixt Kemp and Perdue is arsenic disfigured arsenic brutal arsenic it perchance could become, the Republican nominee could look earnestly weakened against the formidable situation of Stacey Abrams.

As agelong arsenic Republicans proceed to let Trump to meddle successful their elections, they volition hazard losing elections that they could win.

For Trump, getting escaped of Kemp is each astir proving his powerfulness and revenge for 2020. Trump doesn’t attraction astir the GOP,  and helium whitethorn extremity up making Stacey Abrams the adjacent politician of Georgia.

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