Sony Vice President Fired After Getting Caught In Alleged Pedophile Sting

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A elder enforcement astatine Sony was fired after being caught successful an alleged pedophile sting video posted online. 

George Cacioppo was a elder vice president of engineering for Sony for implicit 8 years, having worked connected products specified arsenic the PlayStation Store and more. Over the weekend, the amateur pedophile-busting YouTube transmission People v. Preds posted a video online that accused him of trying to conscionable with a 15-year-old boy. After the video began to prime up steam, Sony told CNET that Cacioppo had been fired. 

George Cacioppo

“We are alert of the concern and the worker successful question has been terminated from employment,” Sony told CNET successful a connection connected Sunday. 

CNET attempted to interaction Cacioppo via his LinkedIn illustration but did not person a comment. At the clip of this writing, the erstwhile vice president of engineering has not publically commented connected the video oregon his consequent termination from Sony. 

People v. Preds told Kotaku that its videos are posted online publically alternatively than turned into constabulary for an authoritative investigation, due to the fact that “the constabulary section doesn’t enactment with ‘Cyber groups’ similar us,” and that “that’s erstwhile the net takes over.” However, People v. Preds besides told Kotaku that “evidence has been turned into the authorities.” 

The video, which is inactive publically disposable for viewing, shows Cacioppo successful a PlayStation 5 garment being accused by People v. Preds of trying to conscionable with a 15-year-old helium met connected Grindr. CNET says Cacioppo told the 15-year-old that his sanction was “Jeff” and that “Jeff” gave the teen an code for the 2 to conscionable and person sex. 

The San Diego Police Department has received People v. Preds’ evidence, but constabulary person released nary nationalist accusation regarding this incident. It’s inactive unclear if this volition developer into a case, but regardless, Cacioppo is nary longer a Sony employee. 

[Source: CNET]

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